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For the new exhibition GANesis - Moments of Transition at the Sofitel Frankfurt Opera, Frankfurt-based artist Marina Ackar is creating new works using artificial intelligence (AI). With the help of a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), an AI can generate data and optimise it further and further through continuous learning - GANs play a particularly important role in the creation of artificial images. Genesis primarily stands for the biblical story of creation and symbolises a new beginning. The symbiosis of the two terms in the exhibition title GANesis represents the idea that a new form of creative creation - Genesis - is emerging in the visual arts through the use of GANs. Marina Ackar uses self-shot landscape photographs as the basis for her artworks, which are recognised by the AI and interpreted according to its logic. The Frankfurt-based artist thus thematises the constantly changing world and the effects that AI has on it. With GANesis - Moments of Transition, the Sofitel Frankfurt Opera and the artist are immersing themselves in new worlds. Locals and visitors to the five-star superior hotel on Opernplatz will be able to admire the new exhibition for six months from 14 March. Each of Marina Ackar's works consists of many small steps. To begin with, the Frankfurt-based artist uses photography to create a digital impression of realistic nature, which she then reads into an AI programme. The artist works on the result again and again with 2D or 3D programmes until she is satisfied with the result. She then transports the artwork back into the real world by printing it, making it tangible for visitors to the exhibition. Marina Ackar says of her art that she shows transitory moments that are captured between the material and digital worlds and are located in a timeless space. She blurs the boundaries between photography, sculpture and collage. Ackar sees her work as a dialogue between herself and AI - in other words, between the real and digital worlds. The result is a work of art that she describes as holistic. "Everything is interconnected and interdependent. This results in the need to treat nature with care." GANesis - Moments of Transition thematises new digital worlds and their (artificial) realities. The magic and fragility of nature thus become visible to the human eye in a completely new way. Marina Ackar has been working as a photographer for twenty years and with AI-based programmes for about three years. She studied visual communication and audiovisual media at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach and has twice received a scholarship from the Hessian Cultural Foundation. General Manager Steffen Opitz is looking forward to the new exhibition in his hotel: "Artificial intelligence is playing a major and ever-increasing role, especially in the hospitality industry. With this exhibition, we want to engage intensively with AI on all levels that are important to our organisation - including art - and enter a new era. We are delighted that in Marina Ackar we have not only found a local artist, but also one who addresses the interaction between human behaviour and artificial intelligence."
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Fragments of the memory nr3
The strange conversation between the AI and me.
70cm x 70cm

The strange conversation between the AI and me.
130cm x 70cm

augmented reality